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7/21/2024 : 2:59 pm : +0200

You can support freedom, tolerance and reconciliation by giving us your donation and change for the better the quality of life of women and children in Liberia.

The building of the children's village will enable 1500 children and women to disrupt the cycle of poverty.

The children's village gives shelter to war-damaged women and children so that they may live in an atmosphere of equality and learn to assume responsibility for their lives.

Young people not only define the present Liberia. Their formation is a key to a better future.

Mothers will be able to support their children only if they themselves can stand on their own feet. Therefore, the children's village not only grants children access to education but also encourages the mothers to become economically independent.

Children's Village Liberia


In order to give children a future after 14 years of civil war, a Children's Villige is being built, granting about 1500 children and women the possibility to start a new future. 


Donation account:"DRK Kreisverband Braunschweig-Salzgitter e.V."

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Konto Nr. 5 470 600
BLZ 251 205 10

IBAN:  DE57251205100005470600      BIC :   BFSWDE33HAN


Reference: Children's Village of Liberia (please indicate)

The construction site has been purchased and the construction and operation planned in detail.

The beneath mentioned buildings shall be realized.

  • school with 12 class rooms and a library
  • 4 dormitories
  • a center for women
  • a theatre
  • an administration building
  • a main building for the staff
  • a hospital 
  • a generator house for the electric power supply
  • 16 community huts

The little huts shall symbolize the 15 administrative districts (religions and languages). The central great hut is a symbol for Liberia's entitiy. It will serve for cultural events in order to maintain the cultural entity and encourage the dialogue within society.

  • a guest house
  • a church 
  • a playground
  • a basketball and a football ground