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7/21/2024 : 3:21 pm : +0200


Antje Urbe

Foto: Kontikki

Für weitere Infos:

tel: +231 (0) 776766269

       +231 (0) 886766269
mobil: +49 (0) 162 4786695

SOPREVENTMENT- Social Management


Sopreventment is

  • the interface for national and international enterprises and organisations

Sopreventment offers

  • the realization of projects out of one hand
  • the research and on site potential analysis
  • detailed knowledge of people, structures, politics and culture of the corresponding country. The assignment of experts spare the client time, money and problems in the realisation of his projects on site
  • contacts to international aid organisations and political structures
  • prompt and concrete actions
  • effective realisation of projects by networks and customized teams